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The PSA Pathway

Sailing for a lifetime



Picking the right boat is critical to your enjoyment of the sport. Whether it be your first steps afloat or your burning competitive desire that is driving your decision, making the correct choice is vital to your long term enjoyment. At PSA we are passionate about sailing and understand that done correctly it will become a skill and a passion for life. That is why PSA has come up with its single handed pathway. The PSA pathway is clear and makes the transition from one boat to another as easy as possible. With our pathway you can start in one, trade up to another without it costing a fortune.  It is all about long term enjoyment, regardless of age, gender and size!



If you are a young sailor or have young children that you want to sail then the Optimist is an ideal choice. Why? Well the Optimist is sailed in over 110 countries, provides a stable platform for learning and offers the most extensive training and competition for junior sailors in the World. In fact, 85% of the Olympic medallist started sailing in the Optimist.


This boat being smaller than the Laser, allows young sailors to learn how to sail dynamically in a boat.
They can move around just like the top sailors in the Laser class do, both upwind and downwind. The next step out of boats such as the Optimist is critical for the lighter sailors and if the wrong boat is picked sailors often drop out of the sport completely. The Byte CII bridges this gap for the lighter sailors who would never be competitive in the Laser. Even the smallest Laser, the 4.7 can be too much of a step, but with the Bytes light weight hull (48kg) and carbon rig the Byte CII packs a performance punch that is truly manageable for the smaller sailor. The Byte CII is an ISAF International class, the boat of choice for the 2008 and 2014 Youth Olympic Games due to this very reason.


The Laser for younger and lighter sailors. The Laser 4.7 offers up-and-coming sailors a unique chance to develop their skills in the same hull that’s used for the Olympics. With 19% less sail area than the Radial and a shorter pre-bent lower mast, the Laser 4.7 is easier to de-power and more manageable. This makes it perfect for the bigger Optimist graduates, ByteCII graduates and other light weight sailors. When age, ability or size means it’s time to move up from the 4.7, a new sail and lower mast section easily turns the boat into a Radial or full-size Laser.


The most popular mid-size singlehander. The Laser Radial rig was designed to make the Laser less over-powering for lighter sailors. It uses a smaller radial-cut sail and a shorter, bendier bottom mast section that makes the boat easier to race for small adults, women and youth. The rest of its equipment is exactly the same as the full-rig Laser and 4.7. The Radial has a full schedule of regional and international regattas and was selected as the women’s one person dinghy class for the Olympics.


The world’s premier racing dinghy. The Laser was designed in 1969 and quickly revolutionized the racing world with its speed and simplicity.
Today this timeless design is by far the most popular adult and youth racing boat worldwide. It is raced by many of the world’s top sailors and has been an Olympic class since 1996. The Laser’s full size rig rewards athleticism and is best for heavier, more experienced sailors, but it can easily be converted to a Radial or 4.7 by changing just the sail and bottom mast section.